And so it begins!

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Kismet, karma, something has caught up with me.  A life-long dream, a secret passion, a deep yearning has broken out into the light of day.  I’m going to do it.  I’m going to write a mystery story.

Way back many moons ago when I was a young teenager, I found in the shed behind my grandfather’s house a faded, yellowed, weather-worn paperback by Agatha Christie.  It had my mother’s maiden name written on the title page.  I started reading out of curiosity, wondering what my mother was like as a teenager, and why she had this book.  It was hard to imagine her that young. Had she sat out here, in her secret hiding place, feeling the excitement of a well crafted murder mystery?  Or was the book out here because it never interested her and was left to rot?  I won’t know because my mother has entered her twilight years and no longer recognizes any of us.  In a way I would like to think that the little paperback was a treasure of hers, and the only thing we have ever had in common in my lifetime.  I never spoke of it to her, and now it is too late to ask her.

That famous little book hooked me on Agatha Christie.  I loved Hercule Poirot, but my favorite was Miss Marple, and my second favorites were the Tommy and Tuppence stories.  But Miss Marple, she took the cake every time.  Helen Hays was my favorite actress playing her on the screen.   After I devoured Agatha Christie I moved on to Ngaio Marsh and a whole host of others.  I became firmly addicted to the cozy writers.  Small town murder, amateur detectives who outwit the cops.  No blood or sex to get in the way of the story.  I liked it that the cozy revolves around the hero’s knowledge of human nature, not fancy gizmos and forensics, although I can’t pass up a week without NCIS.  But when it rolls off the page, it will be the average person who figures it all out.  And how do they do that?  By listening.  By paying attention to the small details.  Clever!

So after years of reading, I want to start writing.  I’ve already charted out two novels (yes, I’m an overachiever) and I’ve been writing up a storm.  Stay tuned for further developments.

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I’m so proud and happy for you. Not everyone actually gets to participate in living their dreams. You are on your way. I look forward to your novels and being a part of it!

  2. Sobha Vadlamani says:

    Congratulations and I wish you all the very best :-).

  3. Leslie van de Ligt says:

    Chris when you have a dream grabbing it in both hands is vital and so you go for it. After reading the above I’m thinking you’ll do it for sure,. I am cheering for and with you. :>)) Leslie

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