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Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hello, friend!  Welcome back.

Let me tell you about the adventures I have planned for today.  Cee (my partner of almost twenty-three years and soon to be partner in crime) and I are heading out today to do a photo shoot.  She’s going to help me find examples of places that I might use in my book. Cee is a fabulous photographer, so this is right up her alley.  She is keeping a daily photo blog and also runs a number of international photography groups.  You’ll get to know her through this blog, too.

My small town sleuth needs to have a home and office out of which she makes her living when she’s not getting dragged into other people’s crimes.  She’ll have places around town where she stops to eat, for coffee, and to visit friends.   There will be places where she can overhear conversations that keep her sleuthing.  So we’re looking for local flavor that we can capture.  When I’m writing and need my settings to look, sound, and feel real, I’ll be able to refer to the photos for more inspiration.  They’ll help me maintain continuity, too, so that I don’t make her house blue in one chapter and yellow in another.  Continuity is important.

I’ve decided to base my character right here in my hometown.  I’m writing a “cozy” mystery, so it’s a perfect fit.  A cozy is a mystery story when the person solving the crime is an amateur sleuth, an everyday person like you or me who just gets sucked up into something, gets curious and figures out who did it, besting the local cops.  They usually take place in a small town, and they don’t involve sex, profanity or gory scenes.  Just cozy little stories.

Why my town?  Because it’s easy to find inspiration here.  I can walk out my door and find places and people to write about.  For NaNo I’m going to be writing quickly, so there won’t be time to wonder what everyday life is like in some place I’ve never been.  Plus I am a country girl, and I know small town living.  You should write what you know.


  1. I’m waiting to see what you and Cee come up with regarding the house.
    Sounds like a fun project!

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