The Curse of Darna Shealladh

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the best things about writing your own mystery story is that you get to have fun with it.  My sleuth, Alice Anne, has fallen into a rut.  She’s very good at what she does, but she’s allowed her life to become centered around that.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Then she gets sucked into this murder and life starts to change for her.  Radically.  Dramatically.  Like spontaneous combustion, she’s pulled out of herself into a whole new way of thinking.  Her creativity, long dormant, is awakened.  And with it comes Darna Shealladh, the curse of the women of the McDonnell clan.

Darna Shealladh is the fabled Scottish Second Sight, a form of extrasensory perception that allows Alice Anne to see the future or to see things at long distances.   Most commonly, second sight gives her the terrifying ability to see an upcoming death.  All the women in her line have had it, and have tried to control it, to block it out.  Some things just aren’t meant to be known in advance.

Alice Anne’s great grandmother had embraced her second sight with devoted fervor, studying and practicing it relentlessly.  She had awakened in herself the ability to not only see the future but to be able to commune with those who had passed over.  Her prophecies had become so accurate that it was said people were afraid to look in her eyes for fear they would see their own death recorded there.

Ever since then, the McDonnell women had tried to shut down their second sight, fearful of its power.  They had largely succeeded, until Alice Anne came along.  She seemed to be the reincarnation of her great grandmother.  At a young age she was already seeing things her mother and grandmother couldn’t, seeing patterns of energy and the ghostly outlines of the dead.  Her mother had tried to stop the visions, and Alice Anne had complied, reluctantly at first because she was loath to lose the dancing colors of energy that were her constant friends.  She pushed it away until that fateful day in her 16th year when her world turned upside down.

There is so much more to tell you, dear friend, but I’m afraid you must wait for another installment.


  1. It sounds like she isn’t the only one who’s life has been changed by getting sucked into this murder. Do you find that you too can look into the eyes of the people in this book, and be able to see if their death is (or will be) written there? (Possibly pun intended)

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