10 Things I’d Do To Change My Life

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In my mystery, I’m using a little device to introduce my main character to my readers.  I’m going to have her make a list of ten things she would do to shake up her life and out a little pizzazz in it.  Ways that she could force herself to step out of her comfort zone.  To prove to herself that she’s not the most boring person in the world.

Cee threw the challenge back at me.  What would I do to shake my life up a bit and open up my thinking, to challenge myself to stretch.

I would like to say right here and now that it’s a lot easier to answer that question for a fictional character than it is for yourself.

If you don’t believe me, try it.  Make your list.  Put yourself out there!  Carpe diem!!

Here is my list.   I got stumped after #6 and had to really think about it.  I am a writer.  I live in my head, and can get trapped there all too frequently.

  1. Pilot a glider.  I want the freedom of silently moving through the air like a bird.
  2. Go down a zip line.  I think that would be a blast.  I love going fast and high.
  3. Learn to play my harmonica.
  4. Improve my balloon twisting skills, go to T-Jam and the National Balloon Decorators conference next year. Balloons are so special.  I don’t know anything else that universally creates smiles on faces.
  5. Get a wild, funky hairdo.  I’m tired of looking like someone’s grandmother.  No offense to any grandmothers out there.  Except with my luck I’d be so embarrassed that people would say, “Look at that grandmother acting like a teenager.”  On second thought, there’s nothing wrong with that.
  6. Buy some loud clothes.  I’m too buttoned down.  If I hadn’t gotten so fat over the years I’d still be buying my clothes from Lands End and REI.  I need to flow a little and surround myself with color.
  7. Figure out how to write sci fi / fantasy and give that a shot.  I am in awe of Gene Roddenberry.  What a truly cool visionary.  Look at all the neat stuff he thought up that has since become real.  Does that make me old-fashioned that I’m not mentioning someone from the bestseller list?
  8. Open my eyes and my head up to new things somehow.  Maybe read some books on creativity.  I can’t even finish this list, and two of the things on it are from old lists.
  9. Bug everyone I know to write a list of 10 things they’d do to challenge themselves.
  10. If I were single I think I’d join the Peace Corps, or at least do volunteer vacations like my friend Mary does.  She travels the world to do volunteer work and it’s fascinating to listen to her adventures.  But I’m nowhere close to wanting to be single.  That part of my life suits me just fine.  So maybe I’ll settle for going with Cee to Hawaii to the volcano park and swim with the dolphins.

I will ponder this as I head off to my volunteer work with The Dougy Center, and my group of youngsters who let me share their journey through grief.  They are amazing teachers.



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