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The draft version of Chapter 2 of the Alice Anne mystery is now available for your reading pleasure.  The mystery unfolds.  Here are the links to both chapters::

Chapter 1:  And One Of Them Would Be Dead

Chapter 2:  Under the Pale Moon


NaNoWriMo, the morning after.

I didn’t sleep in.  I’m too used to getting up hours before dawn.  It seems surreal that I’ve done NaNoWriMo.  After a year of daily writing, the discovery of NaNo, and then one intense month, I have fulfilled a lifelong desire.  I have become a writer.  It feels good.

In my excitement to get the book presented for validation, I completely forgot to write my journal yesterday.  The biggest day of the year, and presumably one of the biggest days of my life, and I forget to write about it.  How’s that for ironic, funny and a little silly? (more…)

I have spent a month having the best fun EVER!  I wrote my first book.  71334 words.  I must say I loved every minute of it, including the final days of painful back spasms.  They’ve finally calmed down, which is good because I want to enjoy this victory.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA.   I’ve been going through my normal routine but pausing from time to time to give thanks for all the little things that make my life so much fun.  The rain has stopped for a while and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds.

We’ve had a lot of wind and rain, and that has put a premature end to fall colors, except for one magnificent tree near our house.  I don’t know what type of tree it is.  To be honest, I’ve never stopped to look at its leaves up close.  It is too beautiful from afar to want to get close and stare at little pieces of it.  It stands twenty  feet tall and its canopy is wonderfully rounded.  Each autumn its leaves turn a bright red.  Not a deep crimson.  Not a mix of yellow, orange and red.  A startling, magnificent bright red.  What makes it all the more beautiful is that it stands in front of a rank of towering Western Sequoias,  thirty feet tall, covered in bright green needles.  The contrast of the red against the green is breathtaking.    (more…)

I’m closing in on the NaNoWriMo prize.  I’ll be ready to claim it when they open up for submissions on the 25th.  Winning is like running a marathon… if you finish, you’ve won.

I’ve had a number of friends all say that they can’t wait to read it or, better yet, want to buy a copy.  Oh, how I wish that a draft written at the speed of light where ready for release as soon as I type “THE END”.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful.  I patiently explain that this is the draft and now I have to edit it.  That editing takes a while.  I avoid the whole discussion of what it takes to get a publisher to pick up your novel.  That would deflate them. (more…)

I don’t watch the X Factor.  (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a singing talent competition show on American television.)  They don’t tend to do a lot of my kind of music.  In one of those wonderfully serendipitous internet moments, I read an email which led me to a blog about storytelling, which led me to this video of Chris Rene competing on the X Factor.  The video is so compelling that I have to spread it around.  Warning:  this is a tearjerker, so have your tissues / kleenex / handkerchiefs handy.   I guarantee it will brighten your day with tears of joy.


I’ve been sending out chapter one of my mystery story, “An Alice Anne mystery:  The Banker’s Murder List” to individuals who have asked for it, but I’ve now decided to make it accessible to everyone who finds my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please pass it along.