Remember Me

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I recently had a conversation with someone who is quite significant in my life.  She’s worried that she will die young and that no one will remember her.  I know that if I say what I feel about that she won’t be able to hear my words, but I know that she will read them.

This blog is for her, but it’s also for all of you.  You will know who you are as you read this.

You tell me that no one will remember you after you are gone.  I say to you that who you are will live on long after this generation has passed, and the next and the next.  You will live on in the children of children that you have never met.

For all the years that I have known you, that I have been honored to call you friend and share my life with you, one of the many lessons that you have taught me is that if you live with an open, giving heart you will touch lives in ways that you can’t be aware of.  I was skeptical of that at first, but I’ve watched you over the years and I’ve seen how people respond to you, how they seem to laugh more when you are around.

You helped me turn an angry and violent person into someone I am proud of.  I like very much the person I have become over the years, and you played a large part in helping me face my fears, overcome the past and live a life of peace and fulfillment.

You believe in turning the bad into good, and I have seen you do that many, many times.  You teach that everywhere you go.

People come to you for advice.  They see how authentic you are.  They trust you.  They have seen you be consistent and honest day after day, year after year.  You never compromise yourself for anyone.

Your healing energy is powerful, and that is why people seek it out and want to hug you.  They feel good just sitting near you.  They recognize that subconsciously, even if they can’t put what they are feeling into words.

You make people feel safe.

When you talk with people one on one, it is a heartfelt communication.  They feel that you really listen to them. For just one tiny moment, they know that they are not alone in this world.

I know that people will remember me after I’m gone, because that is something you taught me.  They may not remember the name of that woman who listened so intently to them when they were five, or fifteen or thirty-five, but they will remember that someone took time for them and loved them unconditionally.  Even if they don’t remember your name, that action has been woven into the fabric of their souls and changed them for the better.  Changed them forever.  That seed of you lives on in each of them, and in the children they will teach, and the children of those children.

Do not worry about the end.  It will come in the time it was meant to come.  For now, just keep on reaching out and sharing the beauty of who you are with the rest of us.  We need your brightness.  We need your love.  We need all of the little changes that you have set in motion.

Continue to find the small delights that fuel your passion.  Then pass them on to the rest of us.   I promise you, we will remember.

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Thanks so much…your words are as precious as you are genuine. Much love and gratitude.

  2. Louise (Akrotiri) says:

    Wow, beautiful.

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