Horror of horrors! She didn’t have a clue!

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My dear friends, I have just made the most frightening, the most alarming of discoveries.  Cee, my partner in life, my partner in writing crime, has never played Clue.  How could this be?  How can anyone go through life without knowing about Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library?  Good golly, this is one travesty that must be righted, and quickly.

I was going to drag her off to a store in the morning, but I stopped to do a little research in amazon.  What would we do without amazon and google, I ask you?  Hasbro, in some misguided New Coke-ish period of delirium, has “updated” all the characters.  Colonel Mustard is now a football player?  I ask you, is that ridiculous or what????  The weapons have even changed.  An Oscar trophy and a dumbbell instead the lead pipe and wrench.  Indeed!  The most telling customer review on amazon says “this game merely feels like an annoying high school kid dying to be popular” and another calls it “a cast of reality show rejects”.  My heavens!

Fortunately there is a company still selling the original version and I ordered that to be sent to me.  Hopefully it has retained all the charm of the original version and we can once again conjecture that the murder of poor Mr. Boddy was done by…. Mrs. Peacock?  Colonel Mustard?  Professor Plum?  We must wait to find out.


  1. A football player? Hath Hasbro no shame?

  2. […] classic version of Clue arrived today, so this weekend I’m going to introduce Cee to […]

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