Random Thanksgiving thoughts – and a funny video

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA.   I’ve been going through my normal routine but pausing from time to time to give thanks for all the little things that make my life so much fun.  The rain has stopped for a while and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds.

We’ve had a lot of wind and rain, and that has put a premature end to fall colors, except for one magnificent tree near our house.  I don’t know what type of tree it is.  To be honest, I’ve never stopped to look at its leaves up close.  It is too beautiful from afar to want to get close and stare at little pieces of it.  It stands twenty  feet tall and its canopy is wonderfully rounded.  Each autumn its leaves turn a bright red.  Not a deep crimson.  Not a mix of yellow, orange and red.  A startling, magnificent bright red.  What makes it all the more beautiful is that it stands in front of a rank of towering Western Sequoias,  thirty feet tall, covered in bright green needles.  The contrast of the red against the green is breathtaking.   

I went to our local market for some milk and a few other necessities.  Cutsforth’s has been family owned and operated for  83 years.  One of the grandchildren was ringing up my purchases and I stopped to thank him for his family’s store.  They have two “big box” grocery stores that they compete against, but we don’t store at either of them.  Cutsforth’s tries to buy local, has a great organic produce and gluten free section.  Their deli and bakery are the best in the area.  They do a lot to support the community, too.  In these days of mass produced, artificial food it’s wonderful to me that a family stays committed to providing quality at competitive prices.

I’m giving thanks this year for the internet, because it brings me close to all of you, my friends from around the world.  I love that I can share my creative work and give you a few moments of fun.

Speaking of my book, as Cee and I finish editing we’re going to be putting a chapter a week out on this blog, so look for the announcement of new chapters to keep you intrigued.  I will warn you of one thing, though.  I’m only going to give you half the book.  Once I’m done with my final edit and we have the book formatted for e-reading, I’ll be putting it out on Amazon for sale.  You’ll have to buy it to see the ending.  So my job will be to keep you hooked long enough to get you to shell out the few dollars to see how the story ends.  You will be surprised, I guarantee it.

If you have been following Cee and I for any amount of time, you’ll know that we are owned by two male cats and two female pugs who believe they are cats.  One of our pugs purrs (yes, pugs are dogs but pugs can purr) and the other one insists on being held like a baby when we’re watching TV.  Pugs have a mentality all their own.  They are stubborn, determined, and impossible to catch if they don’t want to be caught.  One of the pugs, Shadow, will even sleep with the cats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I stole all these pictures from Cee’s redbubble site.

A pug rescue group in San Francisco video tapes the adventures of two pugs, Max and Minnie.  For you enjoyment today, I present Bath Time for Minnie

There, some musings, an announcement and a bit of fun.

Blessings to all of you, dear friends.

  1. Happy belated TG to you both! Where is the picture of the tree? 🙂

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