Catching Up, Making Changes, Moving On

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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NaNoWriMo is now a vague memory.  I’ve caught up on my sleep and my spastic back has calmed down to normal.  I rewarded myself with a new laptop, a MacBook Air, that can go anywhere with me.  I love this new tool.  Light, easy to type on, long battery life.  It doesn’t get much better for a writer than this.  The first book is in editing and about a third of the way done.  The new book is only about a tenth of the way done, so I’m running a little bit behind on that.

Part of the stalling is due to the new computer.  Cee and I decided that I needed a better workplace and she wanted a window view, so we had to rearrange the office.  I am told there is a corollary to Murphy’s Law ( what can go wrong will go wrong) and it says that stuff expands to fill the space available to it.  That law of nature was proven in our office.  We were way overdue for a cleaning.  We threw out trash, recycled and dusted for a whole day and still have more to do.  It was cathartic to get rid of long dead projects and find a fresh perspective on our lives.  Our friend Teresa is coming down tomorrow to pick up my old iMac.  Those are incredible machines.  I don’t see how anyone who does visual arts can live without them.  Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all your innovative work.

So hopefully I can get back to serious writing on Sunday and get back on track.  My schedule for the second book is much lighter than the first, only a chapter a day.  That’s about an hour’s worth of writing, so that’s quite doable while holding down a day job and having a life outside of writing.

I’m going to catch up on this blog, too.  I want to talk more about the craft of writing as I’m discovering it.  Hopefully other aspiring writers will come and enjoy the tidbits, leaving comments behind.

The new year coming up promises to be exciting.


  1. […] We got an iMac for Chris too.  But the problem is she is a writer and not a photographer.  She likes the intimacy of a compact keyboard and screen.  Everything the iMac isn’t.  Chris actually wrote her book on her iPad.  So to celebrate her finishing her first novel, we bought her an MacBook Air.  She is so thrilled and delighted.  See her blog Catching Up, Making Changes, Moving On. […]

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