My partner, Cee Neuner, is a photographer.  I challenged her to start doing a daily photo blog for WordPress’ Post A Day program.  She has, in return, challenged me to participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge.  (We have a competitive household, can you tell?)   This week’s challenge is a self portrait.  What a place to start!  I am the least photogenic person in my family, maybe in all of Oregon, maybe in a tri-state area.  Not the photo I wanted to start with.  But I’m a player.  I’ll pony up and post my pic, along with the other thirty-one creative people who have posted so far.

I have a love for vintage cars, but photographing them can be a real hassle.  Collector cars  have multiple coats of high luster paint that is then covered by layers of auto wax, making them look fabulous at the car shows.  The problem for the photographer is that the glossy finish acts like a mirror and you usually end up in the picture.  Out of the dozens of times it’s happened to me, here is one that I’ve chosen as my self portrait.  That’s me behind the Nikon with the wide angle lens.

What would your self portrait look like?


  1. Very special indeed 🙂 Great interpretation!

  2. nuvofelt says:

    Love it! Such a fun shot.

  3. Madman says:

    An interesting and special composition indeed! Greetings from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

  4. You are off and running Chris. Give Cee a run for her money!!! Fun post. Will look forward to more. And, I will check out your site which looks very interesting. Cheers, Margie

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