Chapter Zero – The End

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I normally post a new chapter every Sunday but today I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the opening of the next book.  That probably isn’t fair of me, especially since you aren’t that far into the first book yet, but I’m having a great time on the new book and wanted to give you a taste of it.  This book starts at the end of the action, at ground zero, chapter zero, with our grief counselor turned detective in the thick of things.  Bon appetit!


Chapter Zero:  The End

Alice Anne sat back against the table to steady herself.  Her head was throbbing where she had been hit.  Her breath was coming in rapid gasps.  She fought to keep from passing out.

She looked down at the gun in her had.  She had never held one before.  It was surprisingly heavy.  Or maybe the heaviness was just her pounding, echoing brain being unable to tell her arm to hold the gun higher.  Everything felt like an incredible struggle now.

Alice Anne was terrified, yet oddly resolved with whatever might happen next.  She remembered this feeling from long, long ago.  It was the letting go, the surrender that comes right before you kill yourself.  Almost euphoria, knowing that the struggle was soon to be over.

She tried to raise her head a little higher but everything was moving in slow motion.  She forced her eyes to stay open and watch, to look for more danger.

She could see the man just a few yards from her, sitting there on the floor, head tilted to one side.  His eyes were half closed and there was blood streaming from the gash in his forehead.

She was surprised at how much blood there was.

She could see him breathing.  The movement of his chest was quite slow, nothing like her frantic panting.

She kept the gun pointed at him.  Would she, could she use it?  She had never thought about shooting another person before.  Could she do it, if it meant stopping him from killing her?  Because he would kill her if he woke up.  She had no doubt of that.  Could she shoot to save herself?  She hoped so.  She couldn’t die like this.  It wasn’t what she had planned for her life.  She didn’t want it to end now.

She remembered, vaguely, like some long ago movie, the terror she had felt coming into this room.  Seeing him with his hands around her friend’s neck, choking her.

She remembered that guns had a safety thing, a latch, a switch, something.  If it was on, the gun would not fire.  She was hoping the safety was off.  She was hoping it would fire, if she needed it to.

She could hear the sirens in the distance.  At least she thought she heard them.  She had called the police.  It was the last thing she had done before going into the room.  They were on their way.

She just had to hold on a little longer.  Help was coming.

The man groaned.  Alice Anne stiffened, but it was too late.  The last thing she thought, before dropping the gun and doing a slow slide onto the floor, was a question:  How did this happen to me?

  1. Rhonda Polk says:

    that is great….now wait— you have to hurry up and write and release this book also…..How could you stop there???? and just leave us hanging…. I would love this on audio book CD also…..its great……HURRY !!!!!!

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