The Far Out View

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Interesting Blogs or websites
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As a writer, I’m always reading.  I read for new ideas, for inspiration, to find writers whose prose transports me.  I read because you can’t be a good writer without appreciating the craft of writing.  With the internet I can get drunk very easily on lots of interesting content.  Here’s one such example.  I subscribe to a fun blog, Very Short List.  VSL sends out one link a day to interesting blogs or web sites.  The content varies wildly, which is part of the charm of the blog.  Some days I have no interest in the content, other days I am amused or amazed.  Today’s link it to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website.  The photography is, dare I say, out of this world.  Subscribe to VSL if you’d like a little daily treat in your inbox.


  1. I believe your words my friend. Sounds like an interesting site. Margie

  2. I just took a look at their picture of the day: the Quadrantind Meteor showers. I love astronomy so this was great for me!! thanks for the heads up (so to speak!!)!!!!

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