Cee and I have recently discovered the joys of zentangle, which is an elaborate, joyful form of doodling.  Today’s image comes from Cindy (Paintchip) at Rainbow Elephant.  It’s an art piece she did for her journal, and I think it’s wonderful.  Her blog today contained this image and an article on changes.  Here’s the beginning of her writing:

Like the seasons, change is inevitable.  What it will be and when it will come is up for grabs.  The real question we’re looking at today is, “how do I deal with change?

I’m sort of all over the place with it myself.  I usually prefer change to move slow as snails and allow me to ease into the whole idea of it all.  However there are also times when I like to experience it more like ripping the bandaide off quickly.  Bring it on and let it happen quick and painlessly, please.  Thank you.  Know what I mean? LOL

Click on through to read the whole post and see some more fabulous art that you can do yourself.


  1. Margie says:

    Love your description of change Chris! I only like change when I don’t like something and wish it would change. Otherwise, forgetaboutit, LOL!!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Love the Zentanglles, and the image of the timepiece works so well.

  3. loved the post. Change is inevitable but the choice of enjoying it is up to us. Blessings to you.

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