Dancing with the Stars – A Formula for Happiness?

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Cee and I have returned to watching Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) for the new season that began last week.  We enjoy the show, and when I read this wonderful article by Marci Shimoff, I wanted to share it with all of you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Last week, I started watching the new season of my favorite show-Dancing with the Stars. I’m completely mesmerized!

This show has a special place in my heart, as my dad and I watched it together during the last few months of his life. (My dad was a great dancer in his day, and I remember learning how to dance when I was 7 years old by standing on his feet.)

At 91, he was fading fast and not alert to most things, but when Dancing with the Stars would come on TV, he would sit up with a big smile on his face and his eyes would light up with joy. We’d watch it together laughing and feeling the love.

Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who get a big hit of joy watching the show. 24 million other viewers tune in on Monday nights for their fix, as well. Why?

Because this show is all about happiness. The music, the energy, the exhilarated expressions on the contestants’ faces-this energy is contagious, and we, as viewers, catch it.

When I look at the show’s phenomenon from the standpoint of what I know about happiness, it makes a lot of sense.  Dancing with the Stars incorporates what I call “The 4 M’s of Happiness.” Both the pros and the stars use these four main ingredients of happiness, and you and I feel them when we watch.

Here they are:

1. Mindset: The pros and the stars consciously and consistently choose thoughts and feelings of optimism, positivity, gratitude, and appreciation. They know that a high-energy mindset translates into a great performance.

2. Meaning: The dancers feel inspired by what they are doing. They’re focused on something that’s purposeful and meaningful to them. They always speak about the joy that they experience being on the show.

3. Movement: Moving the body is good medicine. It produces big doses of happiness chemicals, and counteracts the stress chemicals that produce doubt, fear, and insecurity.

4. Membership: All the dancers and all of us watching are part of a like-hearted group of people. Feeling connected to others, having good relationships, and experiencing a sense of belonging are all fundamental to living in a state of happiness.

You and I can use the exact same principles to expand our happiness no matter what’s going on in our lives.

Try the 4 Ms of Happiness on for size:

Mindset: Check out your mindset.  Are you staying optimistic and positive?  Are you bringing gratitude into your life regularly?  Try setting an alarm on your cell phone (a nice musical one) to schedule “thank you moments” into your day.

Meaning: What gives you meaning?  Are you doing something every day that inspires you, helps you feel on purpose?  Fill in this sentence:  “My life feels meaningful when I __________,” and incorporate that activity into your life on a regular basis.

Movement: Are you moving your body?  Stand up right now and stretch. Go outside and get some fresh air a few times during your day. Dance a little (or at least shake your body) while you’re out there.

Membership: Are you a member of something?  Connect with people who share your values. Consider joining a group of like-hearted people – perhaps volunteer at the animal shelter or take an improv class or join a hiking club.

Though you may not get called upon to kick up your heels in front of millions of weekly viewers, when you start minding your 4 Ms, you’ll definitely create more opportunities to smile, enjoy and be happy for no reason.

Please share with me on Facebook your experience with the 4 M’s– and tell me who you’re rooting for on this season of Dancing with the Stars here.

Off to put on my dancing shoes!

With Love for No Reason and Every Reason,

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff is a celebrated transformational leader and #1 New York Times best-selling author. To learn more of her powerful techniques for establishing deep and authentic happiness and well-being, visit http://www.HappyForNoReason.com

  1. Hey Chris,

    I used to be a huge fan back in the early days when Samantha Harris was hostess with Tom (Brooke Burke was a much better contestant than she is a hostess) and I miss the Joey Fatones, Apollo Onos….

    I haven’t watched for a couple of seasons, but my pal Rox said this season is off to a good start. She and I would text back and forth through the whole shebang. I even went to DWTS live when it came to Michigan and it was fabulous! I guess I may have to check in on it.


  2. ansuyo says:

    I love DWTS! My girlfriend and I (who do not live close) meet online to chat during it. It is our one reserved for us time. I’ve been disappointed by some seasons too latebloomerbuds, but this year is awesome so far. Most of the talent is good and it’s going to be a close run.

    Chris – great stuff, thanks for sharing 😀 Angie

  3. This is one of the rare times for me that I not only “belong” I also wish that I did Facebook. I started watching DWTS two seasons ago with my adult daughter who was recovering from a cerebral bleed . It’s something she ha d always watched and though not a fan of reality TV I love to dance and to watch dancing.
    I was delightfully surprised and have been a returning fan since.
    The dancers take me back to a halcyon time in my life as a child who could barely wait for Saturday evening when The Jackie Gleason Hour was on and I’d get to be entertained by The June Taylor Dancers.

    By the way.. I’m enamored completely by the 4 M’s of Happiness. Thanks for sharing all.

  4. dogear6 says:

    I think Marci describes the energy of the show and its takeaways really good. Some of the contestants like Kelly Osborne really bloomed after being on there too -it was much more than just a few shows for her and others.


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