Strong Writing Mojo?

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Chronic Illness, For writers
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I woke up this morning trying to think of some way to keep my writing mojo running strong.  (Mojo, in case you don’t know, is your magic power, your secret strength, your super power.)  I love to write.  I do it every day.  If you were to get an email from me is would be more like a short novel.  When the words start flowing they don’t want to stop.  I love words.

But…. I have three books in progress and two more conceptualized, but nothing is going down on paper.  Writer’s block?  Nope!  My mojo is gone.  I lack spiritual energy, emotional zest, and sometimes even the physical energy needed to press the keys.  Believe me, that’s a lot harder to overcome than writer’s block.  I need a certain level of emotional commitment to my characters to be able to hear and see them.  That’s the only way I can get them down on paper.  I could never deliver to my readers something stilted.

People who have read my first book are nagging me to get it out for sale because they’ve been telling all their friends what a great read it is.  The next book in the series is even better because my characters are growing, allowing me to put them into more interesting situations.

My problem?  It’s not the day job.  I can handle that and clock out with energy remaining.  It’s the energy zap of living with someone who has a chronic illness.  My partner Cee is living with chronic Lyme Disease, which means I’m living with it, too.  As her condition improves or worsens, my energy for writing decreases.  When she’s feeling worse, my attention is on helping her.  When she’s feeling better, my attention is on helping me to recuperate from the trauma of living with someone who has this horrible disease.  We’ve been through too many near death experiences together.  Living with the fear of another one takes its toll.

Yesterday I guest blogged about how a nice summer can be life threatening for her.  When the temperature climbs to 80 degrees F (27 C), it’s scary.

I know I’m not the only writer living with distractions.  I have to dig deep inside of me and learn to refocus when it’s time to write so that my creative side has time to speak, no matter what chaos is reigning supreme at the moment.  Writing is my life, my rejuvenation, my fun.

So I’m on the hunt for my writing mojo, for a way to feed it and keep it strong so I can do what I love doing, telling stories.  How do you keep your mojo running strong?  What are your secret tips, special routines?  How do you kick start your energy when you’re running on empty?


  1. Cathy G says:

    Hi Chris. Thank-you for sharing this post. I hope that you and Cee are both doing better. This truly is a journey. I understand it in my own way as my daughter is autistic. For the most part our daughter is a happy person. She has days, however, that can be quite challenging. My husband and I have to stop, catch our breath, then take things one step at a time. I also love to write, but there are days when i know I have to take a pause. I hope that in the midst of all that you do that you are also able to take a few minutes for yourself.
    I recently read a couple of posts by Wendy Thomas who contributes to Live to Write, Write to Live where she also talks about family members with Lyme. Here they are. Best wishes to you and Cee. God bless.

  2. Write that first sentence. The next one usually follows, and then the next, and the next.

  3. Tess Kann says:

    I know what you mean when you mention your spirit is depleted. I’m no expert but what works for me is time away from the pressure. Do something different. Lose yourself in a book. A short respite helps rev up your energy. Sometimes you must try again and again. Hope you can regroup.

  4. Fabulous post Chris! This affects me on so many levels but I will focus on just three. Writing,finding my mojo, and loving with a chronic illness that aslo waxes and wanes.

    I am a writer first and have a similar passion for words as you do. You writing about your emails being mini novels cracked me up. Ask Cee if she has not mentioned it.
    I have been having a serious issue with NO mojo in place currently and my frustration. I was able to muster out a good chapter in a week which is unheard of for me, then nothing. Not even for my blog.
    I am also a person living with my chronic illness affecting my lifestyle choices right now and my writing has seemed to suffer because of it.

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this post. Thanks!

  5. […] Also writing about losing that feeling is Chris Donner. Her fabilous blog is quite a read, I invite you t read Chris’s post called  “Strong Writing Mojo” at Chris’s blog Chris Donner Mystery Writer which can found at this link: […]

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