This is my week for changes.  I’ve joined Cee’s Healing Journey blog as a regular writer and we’ve changed the name to Chronic Illness Champions.  We want to write about how to live gracefully when there is someone with a chronic illness in the house.  So Cee will be blogging from her viewpoint as someone with Lyme disease and I’ll be writing from the point of view of the caregiver.  Both are important voices, and we believe that by sharing our story we’ll be able to inspire others.  Please come and visit us there.

I’ve also had requests to start my writing challenge up again.  Many of you have said that you enjoyed it, and I thank you for the encouragement.  I am starting it again, right now, but with a different name and a different purpose.  Welcome to the Story Spinners Club.  I have observed that there are plenty of writing challenges on WordPress.  I also noticed that my challenges that got the greatest response were the ones that called on your creativity even more than your writing skills.  So the Story Spinners will be a challenge for your creativity.

Here’s how it works:

  • On week one, which is today, I’ll write a few sentences that will the be beginning of our new plot.
  • You reply to this posting, answering the question(s) and adding your spin to the tale.
  • A panel of judges will select one of your story lines to be part of the official plot
  • Next week you will read which plot line was chosen and add to it.

The judges will be looking for originality that will add to the story.  Sometimes the spin they select will make sense, sometimes it will throw the story off on a wild tangent.  You can never tell where the story will take us as it spins along.

The story:

A team of seven researchers are alone on an island studying the effects of global warming.  The island is heavily forested and subject to frequent rainfall, some pounding storms, some light misty rains, but it’s often overcast and wet.  Our island is also quite isolated.  There is no phone or internet connection, so the only contact with the outside world is via supply boats which arrive every two weeks with food and good old fashioned mail.  Yes, mail.  Pieces of paper with writing on them, put into envelopes with postage stamps affixed.

Delivery after delivery, each of the researchers welcomes a small pile of letters.  All except for one person, who watches the others read and re-read all this delightful correspondence.  That person grows increasingly isolated and lonely, but finally hatches a plan.  The researcher goes to each of the others privately and offers to buy an unread letter, hoping to feel part of humanity again.  The catch is that the lonely researcher will be able to chose sight unseen the letter that has been paid for, and that once sold the original recipient will never be able to read that letter, or any others written by that person.  All subsequent letters must also be turned over unread.

The question for you to answer are:

1)  How many of the six researchers agree to the plan, knowing that they might give away a letter from a special love and not be able to have any future contact while on the island?

2)  What price will our lonely researcher be willing to pay?

3)  Will our researcher be willing to sell the letter back, knowing that will mean a return to isolation and loneliness?  If so, for what price?

Add your spin below.  The judges will make their selection next weekend and it will be published along with the next questions one week from today.

Oh, and there is one more rule:  HAVE FUN!


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  3. […] Chris Donner has started a new writing challenge called Story Spinners.  Here is my attempt for the week.  First I’ll give the rules and the story she has started…then at the end you can read my entry. […]

  4. Cee Neuner says:

    Here is my entry.

    No matter where MJ went MJ was always the youngest person. MJ thought being located on a nearly barren island would be like a dream come true. At age 17 MJ received a bachelor of science in earth science from the University of Southern California (USC) and followed up with a Ph.D. by age 22. After a couple years working as a Geomorphologists which the study Earth’s landforms and landscapes in relation to the geologic and climatic processes and human activities, which form them MJ decided to take this particular isolating research position.

    Read the rest at on my blog:

  5. ansuyo says:

    I’m not participating, but I can’t wait to hear the story evolve 🙂 Angie

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  7. amberrosalie says:

    This is incredibly late, but I only just found the draft I had started on my writing blog for this, today. I just finished it finally, so here it is. C:

    I also kind of added a Seven Deadly Sins twist to it.. :3

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