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Dear Friends,

I haven’t written in a long time.  My life has taken an unexpected turn and I’m taking a break from writing for a while.  I turned 60 and realized that if I keep going the way I have been going that I might not make it to 65.  I reached a turning point and decided that I needed more in life, and I wanted to be healthy enough to enjoy that life.  For those of you who are playing in the second half of life and feel like I did, that a change was needed, come join me on my adventure as I reclaim my life.

If you’re not playing the second half of the game of life, you’re still welcome to join me as I explore Qigong.  Please come visit my new site.


Cee and I lived near Columbine thirteen years ago when that shooting happened.  Yesterday’s shootings in Aurora, on the other side of the Denver Metro area, brought up strong feelings.  Click through to read the story in our other blog.

Cherish life!

As a mystery writer, foreshadowing is a favorite device of mine.  Give the readers just enough info to hint at what’s coming next, just enough to get them intrigued but not enough to give the plot away.  I always check the end of the first chapter as one of my criteria for reading a mystery.  The last paragraph has to be a page turner, and foreshadowing is a great way to take a reader into your story. (more…)

My picture was on national television… not a picture of me, but a picture by me.  A photo I took.  Talk about the ultimate bragging rights for a sometime hobbyist photographer.

Here’s the story:  Cee and I had watched a little television then gone back to her office to catch up on some blogging.  I checked my email and there was a letter from a production assistant for the television series American Pickers, which airs on the History channel.  He had found one of my photographs on line and they wanted to use it on the show.  If I was the Chris Donner who took the photo, would I consider giving them permission? (more…)

I’m starting to capture some of the experiences Cee and I have been through on the last eleven roller coaster years of our life.  It’s been an incredible adventure that has been both scary and uplifting, if you can imagine such a thing.

Yesterday we had a episode  with a humble ceiling fan that triggered a cascade of memories.  I wrote it up as a short vignette that will become part of a larger work and posted it on our other blog.  Please make the jump and read Sneaky Grief and Hidden Anniversaries.  Let me know what you think of it.

Happy 4th of July to all of you in the United States.  A special thank you for helping us stay free to all of my fellow veterans.


I did a guest blog for Cee today, giving a review of a  great book, “You Don’t LOOK Sick; Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness”.   In it, Joy Selak describes her journey with chronic illness, writing her stories so that all of us can find a common link and benefit from her experiences.  She co-authors the book with her rheumatologist, Dr. Steven Overman, who contributes his own experiences and knowledge.  Together, they create a practical and human guide to living well despite your illness. (more…)

Dear Friends,

I haven’t posted for three weeks, and I’d like to catch you up on what has been happening in my life.  I’ve spent the time exploring the meaning of my life.  It was been an exciting , exhilarating, at times tear-filled journey.

As some of you know, my partner Cee started back to school and is following a dream of hers.  She’s a remarkable person who has almost died twice of multiple organ failure while battling chronic Lyme Disease.  I’ve watched her come back after a long coma that left her barely able to move.  I’ve seen her (more…)