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Friends sharing hearts, sharing silence, sharing fears, sharing hopes, love, caring.  I value all of you.  Squeeze my hand for good luck.

Brown lizard melding into fallen leaves, hiding in their fading glory.  Thank you for keeping me company on this walk.  Precious gift of sharing space, life, awareness.


Oregon winter rain brings mossy velvet.  Fluffy soft vibrant green.  Cushions of loveliness.

Fiona Robyn, one of the co-hosts of Writing Our Way Home and the river of stones project, sent a wonderful new year’s message. Every year she chooses a word to focus on throughout the year. What a thoughtful thing to do. Last year her word was “faith” and she learned to have faith that things would come together in her life and work out well. This year her word is “enough”.   She inspired me to think about what word I would focus on this year.


Nap time.  Mac the pug curls up in between my legs.  Charlie kneads my chest and then settles across my belly, purring.  I am loved.

I am participating in a river of stones, writing a short entry that captures something I appreciate about my world.   The purpose is to pay more attention and fall in love with the world.  My entries will be short, almost like a tweet.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you are writing small stones (or photographing or painting or singing about them), please share yours with me.


I just stumbled upon something fun, fun, fun for your new year.  Writing Our Way Home hosts a challenge, A River Of Stones, at the beginning of January.  The point of the River is to become more mindful of your life and the world around you.  Each day in January you are asked to see something you haven’t taken the time to notice before, to tune into your life with a bit more clarity.  Then you document that insight any way you wish, by blogging, journaling, writing poetry, painting or capturing it in photography.